National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) was founded under the belief that with a "team approach" there is a far greater chance for success. NLPA is a legal research & consulting firm which operates nationally. We assist in all areas of criminal cases from pretrial to post-conviction. NLPA also has a network of attorneys licensed both federally and in every state. Therefore, if you need to be referred to counsel, we can assist in referring you to new counsel. If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance, NLPA is here to help.

Considering the endless resources available to the government, a defendant is often left with a very small margin for success. This is why it is critical to ensure that the defense team you choose to fight your case is the right one! This is exactly where NLPA's assistance began. Since its founding in 1986, NLPA has assisted in thousands of cases involving a variety of charges both at the state and federal levels. Often times NLPA is contacted once the "damage is done" and a defendant has already been convicted and sentenced. Whether you have just been sentenced or if you have already served months or years into your term of confinement, NLPA can help! We offer a number of services for defendants who are trying to receive a sentence reduction in their case.


Congress has decided that federal inmates have one year from the date their conviction became final in order to file a §2255 motion. Further, the courts have generally not allowed extensions for the filing of these motions. If you want to ensure the court hears the issues presented on such a motion, the motion should be filed no later than one year from the day the conviction became final.

NLPA can assist counsel in preparing such a motion and in doing so, would have its team of attorneys review the entire case to determine what issues are available. Because a post-conviction motion can also raise new issues that have never been presented yet (unlike an appeal), NLPA will also work with the client in determining what new information, if any, may exist that can be argued.

It is important to note that because the federal government also may use prior convictions as a means of enhancing a defendant's sentence, it is critical to have these areas looked into as well to determine if attacking such a prior conviction will aid in the effort to receive a reduction in the federal sentence.

Often times these motions are considered the "last chance" for success in a case and, therefore, it is extremely critical to have a qualified team supporting that effort who can be sure to research thoroughly every issue that may be available.


State post-conviction motions are all unique in their own ways. Each state carries different rules and regulations for the filing of such motions. States also have varied deadlines for the filing of these types of motions. The good news is that NLPA can assist in any state.

Once hired for such a motion, 's team of attorneys get right to work in determining exactly what needs to be done in each case. A review of the potential filing deadline is completed as is a review of the entire case to determine issues available. NLPA works with its clients in reviewing possible new information that can be presented as well as any changes in the law that may have occurred since the conviction. If a defendant was enhanced on their current case based on prior state convictions, NLPA's attorneys can also assist in attacking those priors.

Because every state is different it is very important to ensure that you have the proper team working behind your efforts who can thoroughly research the case and prepare a detailed motion to raise all of the potential issues.


For cases where a defendant has been incarcerated for a number of years already and may even be "out of time" to file a motion in court for a sentence reduction, it is important to understand that even if the issues of the case have not changed in the case, that there may have been changes in the law since the conviction took place that are available now as a defense. Every case is unique and each jurisdiction has different rules for the filing of post-conviction motions. Although some states may have no time deadlines to file such a motion, some other states do (some of which may also be very short time frames).

When NLPA is hired to prepare a case evaluation, our team of attorneys review the entire case to determine the specific filing deadline procedures for that jurisdiction. Combining that information with any changes in the law that may have been made or new developments in the case in the form of new information or new evidence, we can then determine what the best possible option would be.

The case evaluation is a detailed report of those available options teamed up with the case arguments that should be raised and even case law to support those arguments. A thorough review of filing deadlines is made as well as suggestions on how to get around filing deadlines that may have already passed in a case. This detailed "road map" is a valuable tool in planning the post-conviction relief strategy. Best of all, if you hire NLPA to prepare a case evaluation, once completed should you elect to have NLPA continue to assist in preparing whatever the recommendation may be, the evaluation fee is also applied as a credit toward that cost. In this way you are not "out" any money by having the evaluation prepared first but, at least you can see what the options are before jumping back into court without a detailed "game plan" first.

NLPA also prides itself for being a more open-minded business and realizing that money simply does not grow on trees. We also understand that money should not stand in the way of justice. For this reason we also offer a number of convenient financing options and can even help refer you to lenders to apply for legal financing of your defense!

NLPA's mission is to enhance the defense team. It is important for you to understand that although NLPA is operated and managed by licensed attorneys, NLPA is not a law firm and cannot represent a defendant in court, NLPA cannot directly provide legal advice to non-attorneys, nor can NLPA offer its research services directly to non-attorneys. NLPA's team of research attorneys and paralegals provide cutting edge research and consulting assistance direct to your attorney to help give your attorney the tools he or she needs to help successfully represent you. In order to assist your attorney, Bar Association Regulations require that your attorney expressly authorize NLPA's research assistance before NLPA may provide case specific research and analysis of your case. If you are in need of attorney representation, we are happy to refer you to experienced criminal defense attorneys who often work with NLPA and offer significantly reduced fees.

The bottom line is that affordable help for your sticky situation is much more easily obtained than you think. You do not have to fight the immense powers of the government on your own. NLPA is here to help! For more information about NLPA, our track record in helping with federal cases, the various financing options or, to have information mailed to you and your loved one about our assistance, please click here.